10 best places to play Rummy

by RummyCircle


These days everyone is playing Indian rummy game. It is one of the most played games across the world. And why wouldn’t it be? It is both entertaining and rewarding when you play rummy online for cash. There are many websites which have eliminated all the problems that the players face when they play it offline. These websites provide a platform for rummy players to enjoy their favorite game around the clock. However, it is not always possible to take time out of our busy schedules to play rummy. Sometimes, even when we have time to play, the places won’t be appropriate. So, we jolted down 10 best places to play rummy – you may pick the one that suits you the best:

1.       Traffic jams: If you live in metro cities, then you know how big a problem, traffic jams are. We spend half our lives commuting – be it for work or anything at all. However, we can put the time we lose on the road to good use by playing rummy. If you love playing rummy as much as we do, then start playing already.

2.       Shopping malls: Women don’t quickly decide what they want to buy when they are out shopping. It has been like this since ages. If you are accompanying your wife or girlfriend to a shopping mall, then use the time you spend waiting for her to finish shopping by playing rummy online for cash. You may perhaps win all the money you spend on her shopping.

3.       Bedroom: After everyone goes to sleep, after you are done with all the chores for the day, you can lie on your bed and play until sweet slumber takes over you.

4.       Living room: If you are following TV series, then you know how annoying the TV commercials could be. These days they run the commercials longer than the show itself. You could play rummy during these breaks instead of channel hopping.

5.       Balcony: Imagine it’s raining outside, or the sun is going down the horizon. How would it be if you could just sit back on a comfortable chair, enjoying both the view and rummy, while sipping some hot and refreshing coffee?

6.       Toilet: Some of us like to take our time when we are getting the dirty business done in the toilet. To add little excitement and drama to this mundane chore, you could play rummy.

7.       Parties: If you cannot skip some parties, which will also be attended by your boring aunties, cousins and other relatives, then you now can entertain yourself by playing rummy, don’t you?

8.       Office: Sometimes, work can take a toll on us. When you are stressed because of back to back meetings, you know you deserve a break. It need not always be a coffee or a smoke break. You could also play rummy and win some extra cash while you are at it.

9.       Banks: Waiting for hours in banks and other government offices to get one small job done could be really testing, as bad as getting stuck in traffic jams in metro cities. If you played rummy while you waited, it may get easier.

10.   Anywhere, anytime: You don’t have to limit yourself to a certain time or a certain place. You can play your favorite Indian rummy game anytime and anywhere.