Five points to prove Rummy is a game of skill

by RummyCircle


In a historic judgement given years back, the Honorable Supreme Court of India legalised playing Rummy citing it as the game of skill, thereby dismissing a long prevailing myth that the game was all about luck. The court was quite correct too. Just because a game was played with money at stake does not mean it is gambling when, it is after all the skills that you possess win the game for you. So, here are the five points that prove that the game is all about applying the skills and luck has nothing to do with it. You can rummy game download in you mobile phone to play rummy anytime anywhere. 

If only it is purely a luck oriented game:

If only the game of Rummy happens to be more of a luck oriented game, all the people who are vested with a bad hand can drop the game right away, not playing even a single turn. But Rummy is not always won by a person having a good hand at the start. Many players come from the brink to win, using their intuition to a good effect based on their experience. So, Rummy can be called as a game of skill as the game is won even by persons having poorest of hands.

It all starts with tutorials and practice matches:

There is nothing called as “luck” in an online Rummy game. In fact, one needs to learn a lot of strategies prior to playing online Rummy. For example, there are loads of video based Rummy tutorials available in RummyCircle, outlining all the strategies needed to win the game. Plus, practice matches are also required to be played to pick up the skills so as to be better prepared for real cash games. Only a person who has perfected himself by fairing in practice matches after having gone through tutorials. One more argument which is in favour of calling Rummy as a game of skill. 

The game proceeds influenced by Mathematics:

If one understands the concept of mathematical probability and learn to use it with diligence he can taste victory most of the time. By using this concept, one can clearly judge the cards of his opponents may be holding and can also guess the cards in the closed deck. Knowing these things will ease the job and he can pace the game accordingly.

Bluffing as a part of the strategy:

Game can also be won by using bluffing as a strategy in online Rummy. This may force the opponent to surrender. When you see your opponent not picking up anything from the open deck, it means he is struggling with his combination. So, during that situation, one can start picking up cards from the open deck continuously for four to five turns. By doing this, the opponent may think that you are just inches away from victory and hence may soon drop himself from the game.

Clever use of discard section:

The online Rummy can also be won by using the discard section wisely. By having a close look at all the discarded cards, one can know which of the cards is safe to be discarded. Assuming that the opponent discarded a king of clubs, you can, by all means, discard Queen and Jack of the same suit as he is unlikely to use the same having already the king of clubs. So, by using intelligence plus presence of mind a rummy player can manoeuvre the game in his favour.

Just by reading the RummyCircle reviews and testimonials recorded by the players themselves one can clearly come to a conclusion as to how much skill is involved in winning this sensational online game.