How to play Indian Rummy at RummyCircle?

by RummyCircle


Indian Rummy is nowadays the talk of the nation thanks to the way it was introduced online by RummyCircle. Let us look at the ways it should be played over there.

Be a registered user:
Rummy game free download in the mobile or visit the site and get yourself registered.

Learn the game through tutorials:

There are many video tutorials available with which you can sharpen your gaming skills. The tutorials cover every aspect of the game and hence it is very useful.

Play practice matches:

Before landing to play cash games and high-stake games, play more games available for practice so that you can face real cash players with confidence at a later stage.

Play high stake games:

Once you are acquainted with all tricks of the game and played many cash games, start playing high stake games which is the ultimate test for any individual. As much as you can lose, you can end up winning double the amount.

Participate in tournaments:

Keep yourself aware of all the tournaments available to play every weekend or on festive occasions and choose the ones you are comfortable with.


Know all RummyCircle specifics:

Just know about all the features specific to Indian Rummy which will help you play the game better. For example, very few know that there is a button available with which you can get to view all the cards in the discarded portion.