Why RummyCircle is quite convenient to play online than its competitors?

by RummyCircle


Like how playing Cricket in Lords or Tennis in Wimbledon is considered something special, so is the case of playing Rummy in RummyCircle. Ever wondered why there is a daylight gap between RummyCircle and the rest of its competitors in terms of popularity and excitement? Have you figured it out yet as to why majority of the 13 card game playing Indian population go craze over playing it specifically in RummyCircle? Let us look into some of its unique features that separate RummyCircle from the rest.

Free registration:

A simple online registration absorbs you as a member of RummyCircle. The registration is done free of cost and immediately upon entering this elite group of Rummy players you become a beneficiary of a welcome bonus.

Mobile app:

The mobile app, introduced by RummyCircle few years back, is one of the reasons for its immense popularity. There are many good things about the Rummy app which enables ‘play on the go.’ A small budget smart phone having touch screen option is enough to download this app and play. Also, one of the specific features of this app is that it operates with 2g connectivity too. So, there is no need to go for a phone which can accommodate high speed net connectivity.

Fool proof security blanket:

Since the game of online Rummy involves money transactions there is always a chance of leakage of personal data. So, one should be wise enough to choose a Rummy portal which provides a fool proof security blanket. Among all other Rummy promoters, only RummyCircle enables a secured payment gateway, impossible to be breached by any intruders outside. Your personal information is totally secure at RummyCircle. Your credit and debit cards information are safe with world class security system thanks to RummyCircle being a PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant website.

High class tutorials and free practice games:

Even if you are a novice in Rummy, the tutorials are designed in such a way that you can tune yourself into becoming a confident player by just going through it. These tutorials are available not only in the form of videos but are quite interactive too. RummyCircle gives you more games to practise for free. You can use the expertise gained through tutorials and apply the same in practice games and check your own progress. Till the time you feel you are confident you can keep playing in practice tables.

Exciting tournaments: 

RummyCircle is bent upon satisfying the members by offering them something exciting every time. They keep introducing fresh tournaments every week especially during weekends and on certain festive occasions. This brings in excitement to the players as they are not stuck with the same style and design of play all the time. You are given even free entry in few of the tournaments while many charge nominal fee. Rummy players feel it convenient to choose and play the tournaments that can suit their style of play and budget.

RummyCircle has, in short, made a sincere and honest attempt in catering to all the users’ expectations. By carefully thought out plans, keeping the customers’ interest foremost in mind this online Rummy portal that rule millions of hearts for long. Read RummyCircle reviews from our satisfied players :)